Sunday, June 6, 2010

Looking for a Scientific Programmer

I'm starting a cool new project on speech-based access to images, but I am in need of a programmer. I'm trying to find the right person -- ideally I would like someone who also had an interest in the process of design and evaluation of the system. The person probably just finished their masters and is trying to get an idea of an area for a PhD, or just generally thinks that one year of experience in the Multimedia Information Retrieval Lab at Delft University of Technology would be enriching. Unfortunately, trying to get someone like this just led to me loosing my dream candidate to a PhD program in Groningen. Yikes! The project's starting on 1 September 2010.

The formal qualifications are listed below. Thanks in advance if you help me find a match between my needs and a candidate.

Profile for scientific programmer in the Delft Multimedia Information Retrieval Lab at the TU-Delft
Contact: Martha Larson
  • Experience developing web applications using a web development stack, (one of LAMP, Java/Tomcat, ASP.NET/C#)
  • Experience with designing HTTP-based server APIs
  • Alternatively or in addition: Experience with html/Javascript/AJAX/Flash/Silverlight
  • Alternatively or in addition: Interest or experience with Android
  • Experience with speech recognition, dialog systems, audio spatialization a benefit
  • Experience with programming in a research environment a plus
  • Proficiency in English, both spoken and written
The person needs to be an EU citizen, but if I find a great candidate who is not, I am willing to attempt to "battle the system" to get him/her.

P.S. This post represents an experiment in making use of my social network. If was were more up-to-date I suppose I'd be using Linked-In or Facebook, but neither are come naturally to me, somehow.